Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been Tagged!

HeliS tagged me today, her 'not exactly a superhero character make me can't say no! Ooops don't forget to see her gorgeous shop too here

So let's see who am I really:)

1. People says, that I have a smiling face and always smile and friendly to everyone, infact is I'm a grumpy and very impatient kind of person, especially when I can't get what I want!

2. I met my husband on holiday! When I met him that was the first time I went holiday by myself! Usually with bunch of friends!

3. I'm a small person or hehehehe....petite, only 153cm and 42kg in weight!

4. I love travelling, and with ex backpacker husband we've been everywhere before we are settle down and having our beautiful Nuriana

5. My mother in law taught me how to knit, I was born in Indonesia, made a knitwear clothes it was out of questions!

6. I love coffee and tea, and have to eat rice most of the time! Or noodle:)

7. I like 'rubish' program on telly like X-Factor and strictly Come Dancing!

me with nuriana


Heli said...

IRA! You are very cute person ( we don't count crumpy and impatient) and sooooo tiny!!!! Uh, I could put you in my pocket! ;)

Thanks for playing the game! It was fun to read about you! And thanks for featuring me :)

Pamela Angus said...

I love 'strictly' too heehee - that is such a pretty photo Ira!

designs by bonzie said...

what a beautiful pic of you and Nuriana Ira, she will love this when she is older, I wish I had pics like that with my mum! you are both totally smiley and enjoying the moment!!
re: the grumpyness, I'm not buying it for one moment, you are always one of the first to run to peoples aid with help and positivity in the etsy forums!! so your not getting that one Ira! lol
Big kisses to you and Nuriana for brightening up everyones day.

twolefthands said...

You don't look grumpy to me! You and Nuriana are so beautiful, look at that big smile!

MGMart said...

You two look so sweet and happy in this photo. I love it :)
Hugs from Hungary,