Sunday, September 02, 2007

My treasury on the front page yippeeee..............but silly me, I missed a big time!!!

I went to IKEA to do some shopping, and after spent hours to go and stay there, at home I continue doing something for the house and couln't even check my email. Ah I didn't mention it yet, but my brother in law Malcolm and his wife Fiona with my two gorgeous nephew will come and stay with us for five days. They live in Australia, and this is very special because my daughter never met her cousins before.

So I just want to make the house little bit more nice and comfortable. And here the photos what I'm doing all day that made me missed my front page treasury, but Tortillagirl, kindly sent me the screenshot which I can share with all of you here:)


Heli said...

I love those red pillows! Looks so fresh!

And thank you so much Ira for making that frontpage :)


designs by bonzie said...

Hi Ira
just looking down through your blog, talk about a dab hand at the ol treasury circuit! Check you out, you have lots of experience in these!
Its great to see you doing so well. I will be stopping by to ask lots of questions, lol.
Congrats Ira.

Heli said...

Ira I just tagged you on my blog! :)

You are welcome to play if you want to :)