Saturday, October 27, 2007


Yes, my treasury end up on the front page of etsy again today, this time I was quite lucky, ten minutes before is gone, I saw it!!!

What a perfect day for me today:))))
And congrats for the feature sellers who is in the treasury and thank you for Tortilla Girl who sent me the screenshot!


Renate said...

YEAH! Frontpage! :)
Thanks Ira!

StaroftheEast said...

Congrats again, it was a lovely treasury!!! :D

ArtMind said...

Well done!
It was a great frontpage!

karlita said...

wooooooohoooo - congratulations Ira!!! :)

Heli said...

Gooooldfingeer! :)
Thank you very very so much!

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Congrats on frontpage.
Sorry I missed that treasury!!!

Ity-Bity Bags said...

wow congrats on the frontpage! I thought your treasury was lovely! Your blog is great too!~♥Lisa