Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leather Bag

I made lots of Leather Bags for iragrant shop lately, well still not as many as my Fabric Bags but sometime next year should be in a par!

Does it mean I will drop my Fabric Bag lines altogether? No I won't but I will make sure everything in the shop are equal! So the style is for both, you can pick the style you like either in fabric or leather or both!:)

Some of you maybe want to know, why am I make the move to leather, is it because leather pretty popular lately on Etsy? Actually not:) I start my leather bag before other popular Etsy sellers start their lines there, here my earlier leather bag, maybe you still remember this one?

Chocolate Leather Bag

So, what stopping me to continue making them at the time then, well my sewing machine is just not the right one to do these bags. But I got a better sewing machine lately and next year I will have my own Industrial Sewing Machine, the type which will be perfect for leather and will doing wonderfully any ideas I have in mind!:)

Current Collection

Iragrant Preview Spring/Summer Collection will start on March 2010.


ingermaaike said...

OOooh an industrial...*is very jealous*

But well deserved Ira, you work very hard for it!

Vivi said...

Your whole collection is stunning!

Maria Allen said...

I love your fabric bags. They're so feminine and sophisticated, but your leather bags do have different edge to them. Congrats Ira. Have fun with the new 'industrial' strength sewing machine :) xo

Kaja said...

I was just complaining that I really should change zipper of my purse, since it has been broken for a while now. But, since it is hard to find the right zipper I thought about buying a leather bag instead...

And here you are! Perfect! I'll go browsing immediately!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Ira, you are doing wonderful things, and I'm sure with an industrial you can do anything in the world! Now, will you get one with a motor beneath, or the other kind, and used or new?

Lydias Treasures 4U said...

Love all of your bags. Especially like the two with the flower on it.
Congrats on your new, industrial sewing machine! :)