Friday, February 19, 2010

New Year - New Designs - New Bags

Hello there, it has been a while since my last post.

A long holiday sometimes more exhausted than not holiday at all, but I'm not complaining, so many things happened when I was away but I'm glad to be back home and to my routine again.
So for this 2010, my aim is to work smart and enjoying more of this little business:)
Here some new bags in the shop, more new design and spring colours will start available in the shop from next month!

XL Pretty Tote

Ms. Essential Leather Bag

Mademoiselle bag


Paperfection said...

Beautiful bags, Ira!

X by Leina Neima said...

All of them are superb but I think Ms. Essential Leather Bag is the one that every girl needs... really essential.

ingermaaike said...

They are beauties!
Welcome back my good friend :-D

Kreativlink said...

Gorgeous! I could not decide for a favorite :)

點單 said...
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