Thursday, April 29, 2010


Did you know that my leathers are dyed to order?

Aleina Leather Bag at IraGrant on Etsy

Yep, I bought them from a small company in Italy who will dye them after I purchased the leather. Usually my supplier send me their leather colour swatches then I will tell them which one I like or pick any colour from wikipedia, if they can do it or not they will let me know before I transfer the payment:)

So, yes they are very special made for you, only sometimes I have to wait a little bit longer before they can ship them to me, just like my bags, made to order:)

I love the idea like this, very personal and they just do the dye when they knew someone want the leather, no unnecessary waste!


Nancy van den Boom said...

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh the greens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lovely blog!

Nancy x

ingermaaike said...

That is indeed a perfect way of doing it! Is that purple leather there at the front of the last picture?????

gr8jewellery said...

What gorgeous colours! Great idea Ira, you're lucky to have found this supplier! :)

Michelle said...

You are really lucky to have found that possebility!!!!
I love Leather and
yours is really great!!!!!

Rita alias alatvian said...

That's really great!

Thank you for sharing!

fleurfatale said...

I just looove the color choices of your leather, can't get enough of it!

waterwaif said...

Just gorgeous!

I saw this on craftgawker and had to come check it out. I'm your newest follower. Happy Friday!


jealousydesign said...

So great reading! I like the fact that they make the colors after requests. And you already know that I love that green color :)

Kreativlink said...

Waaahhhh? Do they also do that with suede?

MGMart said...

What a great idea Ira! Thank you for sharing with us.

karuski said...

I would call that a great service!