Thursday, April 22, 2010

Linen Collection

I always love linen, no question about that and want to make lots of thing with them. Only is not always happens. But I don't mind, by looking to them made me happy already:). Yesterday another colours has arrived.

Most of these linen I bought them here in Neuchatel, originally they are French, German and Italian Linen. But since the last two years, I terribly in love with Lithuanian Linen. I touch and saw this linen in Estonia for the first time and with luck, I found a fantastic supplier directly from Lithuania and they always send me their new swatches colour for me to choose! many of these colour are not in their website. So I feel like I'm having a little treasures sometimes:)

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X by Leina Neima said... little "rich" girl. I didn't imagine that linen can be so colorful...