Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Favourite

This week favourite shop is so special for me, I have to admit that her shop is my first love on Etsy:) I even admire her shop, long before I have an account on etsy.

How do I will explain it about her shop, it's so difference and stand out from the crowd and the artist herself is Super Talented! What more amazing all her works is one of a kind! You just need to see her journals to understand what I mean.

Yes today we visiting Vienna, Austria and say hi to the lovely Renate Ikinger, the artist behind Kreativlink's beautiful journals.

Oh one more thing, her shop is really busy and since she reluctant to take a custom order and repeat her design, you better get yourself with the journal you like when you see it. Chance are you won't get it anymore if you waiting too long!:)


kraplap said...

yeahhhh for Renate !

Kreativlink said...

Oh! *blush*
Ira! Thank you! :D
*blushes even more*

ArtMind said...

Can only agree, Ira, she IS an amazing woman and I'd love to visit her as she always has snickers in stock! :)

ana carina said...

Oh yeah. One of my first hearts too!
How can you miss her shop?
I own one of her journals and next to a feeling from ArtMind, it's one of the handmade things I won I cherish the most. So much that I just can't start writing on it since I'm afraid to ruin it! LOL

feyzadem said...


Great great great !

ingermaaike said...

Yayy for Renate and Ira, two of my friends I admire very much!