Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nuriana Photos Shot

Nuriana is my little darling, just in case you don't know her yet, there she is . Last month hubby bought a new camera, so we let Nuriana to have our old camera and she love it and plays lot with it!

Here some pics that she shot recently:)

And look at these two, yep she help me out shots my work also:)))

Doesn't she a brilliant little thing?:)


MGMart said...

Nuriana have a good eye to take interesting and well focused photos. Especially I love the one of your new bag and the fan :)

baahar said...


I love that photo at the candy store .. the way it captures her point of view :)

ira said...

yes baa, you can see things from a shorter person, amazing are look huge from you sight!:)

matchstickgirl said...

heeehee good work Nuriana !!! i love the yellow fan reflection shot

Škorčica said...

Crazy! - so young but has such a good eye for details, composition, motif etc. Impressed!

LeelaBijou said...

I love her photos! Everything looks bigger, hehe :)

The new bags are lovely :)

ingermaaike said...

I love how the world looks through her eyes, colorful and larger than life. She has a great eye for detail :)
And the hip purse is great!

angelina said...

love the frilly photo!