Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Holiday

I'm sorry for not posting anything lately.

Grant family here will going for a holiday in Istanbul tomorrow for around ten days. I had been finished orders, tidy up the house and plenty little things that really eaten up my time!

But, that's it!
Istanbul here I come:)

I'm sure will bring lost of Istanbul pictures for you all later on:)


Kreativlink said...

Holiday! Hurrrayyyy!! Enjoy and have a superduper time! :)

vadjutka said...

HAve a lovely vacation!
And I send kisses to that magical city!

Anonymous said...

I m from istanbul, and ı was shocked when ı saw istanbul's picture. welcome to our country.So did you like it. :)
ı like your bags by the way. How did you learn to make a bags.I made only one for my daughter and ı want to learn. do you have a suggest for me?
thank you,