Monday, August 02, 2010

Simplicity Clutch

Yes, the name say it all.
This time no pleats, ruffles or fancy details.
Its just about a simple clutch with my favourite burlap material in stunning colour of course there is a beautiful flower handmade by Marianna in Hungary and my scraps leather which make it look sweet. I think this pretty little thing can stand up from the crowd:)

Simplicity Clutch now available in iragranteco on etsy.


vadjutka said...

another great collaboration- beautiful clutch!

ingermaaike said...

These clutches are just perfect!

matchstickgirl said...

wow the most simple fibres are so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use my Ira clutch every single day of my life is wonderful !!!!!!!

kraplap said...

I love them Ira !

Helmitarha said...

Both of them are adorable!

MGMart said...

They look so beautiful Ira!! Love your bags so much, that why I was so happy to work with you :)
Thank you!!