Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Trip to Yvoire, France

Three weeks ago, Nuriana and me went for a day trip to the fabulously medieval village Yvoire in France. Well actually three of us but hubby carry on to Evian to play golf with his office colleague.

Here some the pictures I shot, we arrived very early because the hub need to start his game at 10am! So Nuriana and me had the place for ourselves before the crowded tourists start to make lots of noises:)

You can hardly notice if this the front entrance of the village

No photo will be perfect without Nuriana:)))

The Castle

Why they try to camouflage the sign?

A lovely entrance to a house

Did I tell you I'm crazy about the old door? I think I did...

Nuriana and me had a lovely breakfast in this cute cafe

On the way to the beach

Jardin des Cing Sens

I love everything about this corner

There you go, I hope you enjoy my travel shots:)


matchstickgirl said...

Ira so beautiful !!!!!

and Nuriana soooooo amazing and beautiful !!!!!!!

Ruby Clover said...

that little cafe is a dream! It is freaking me out that Nuri got so tall, she was just so little it seems! What a beautiful young lady she's becoming so quickly!

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

Thanks for the tour! It's a lovely place & glad you got to visit!

Star of the East said...

Wow, amazing village!
I love Nuriana's outfit :)))

Morrgan said...

Oh wow, what a place! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Dina Fragola said...

That seems like out of a fairytale!
And Nuriana would be the princess :) She has grown so much!

kraplap said...

beautiful place ! I think Nuriana is going to outgrow you Ira :)

Yvonne said...

Such a beautiful village. I love the architecture. I'm glad you and Nuriana had a lovely time.